Research Based, Strategy Led Brand Identity Design Services

Building Your Brand Identity

In order for a customer to buy from your brand, they must first trust your brand. This makes building the right brand identity increasingly important.

Branding is about trying to shape the perceptions of your target audience, and you won’t be able to shape their perceptions with a logo or a brand identity that wasn’t designed with them as the focal point for communication.

Finán Callaghan helps businesses attract new customers and retain current clients by creating professional, credible, and trustworthy brand identity design. Finán designs thoughtfully crafted brand identities, constructed strategically to resonate with your target audience, and stand out from your competitors

Award Winning Brand Identity Design Services

Finán Callaghan is an award winning, freelance graphic designer that specialises in brand identity design for startup companies and small businesses.  Finán creates visual identities that are rooted in concept and determined by a framework built on strategy.

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Brand Identity Design Process

I follow a framework for brand identity design that is rooted in best practices. Each stage of the process has been tried and tested, and although the finished product varies depending on the needs of each individual client, the results prove successful time and time again.

Market Research & Analysis

Each brand identity job begins with strategic market research and analysis. It includes questions like:

  • Who are we trying to appeal to?
  • What do they respond to?
  • What can they relate with?
  • What will appeal to them?
  • What has proven successful with that audience in the past?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What do they do well?
  • How do they present themselves visually?
  • How can we differentiate your brand from theirs?

The outcome of this research provides a framework that will determine how your brand should be represented visually.

Design Options & Prototyping

Once this framework is in place, I begin to work up design solutions for the problem/s specific to your brand. I will initially present a minimum of two design options to the decision makers on your side before testing the options with your brand’s target audience. It’s important to test each option with your audience before deciding which direction to take because it is your audience we are trying to appeal to, and not your own personal taste. Taste is subjective, but strategy is objective and as a result, measurable. And although design testing cannot guarantee that your brand identity will be a success, it can help us to make informed decisions on what works and what doesn't before committing to anything that might cost you down the line.


Based on feedback received from you and/or your team, and the target audience, I will make revisions to the most successful option/s, and resubmit to you and your team for review. If necessary, I will survey your target audience for a second time to ensure the revisions made had the intended impact. For every job, I factor in two rounds of revisions to the price quoted at the beginning of the job.

Handover of Final Artwork Files

At the end of the job, I will package up all final artwork files and transfer them to you. I will accompany the files with a brand guideline pdf that will entail how your brand should and should not be presented visually across every touchpoint in the future.

If you have a brand related query, or an idea you’d like to discuss, contact Finán for a quote, or get in touch at

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