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Innovative Web Design- Enhance Your Brand Outlook

Imagine opening the website of your favorite brand only to find yourself lost in the confusing layout, swimming between a pool of items you don't even want to look at. Annoying, right?

This short imaginary tour is just the reason why you need professional website designing.  Every modern-day business needs a website for the countless number of internet users to be able to view them. And to create the right impact, a good website design is becoming increasingly important.   

Finan Callaghan is here to serve you with a user-friendly and attractive web design  to keep your customers invested and bring more to the business! Our innovation in the art of website designing brings together the client's unique edge and the requirements of the customer. A beautiful blend of the two greatly enhances your brand outlook and brings more and more recognition to your plate.

Web Design Services To Help Build Your Brand

Building your brand through your online presence is very critical due to the digitalization of the world. People have become even busier with the increase in global trade and exhaustion drains their will to visit stores physically.

Combining these factors with unprecedented events such as the pandemic emphasizes more on the importance of establishing yourself online. To make sure that your brand is easily accessible and usable by your customers, you need to have a very efficient web design.

Keep in mind that your competitor is now just a click away so the need to keep your customer on your page becomes even more vital. 

Finan Callaghan gives you a platform to pour your ideas in and leave the rest to our team to create an ideal design  for you which brings ease and comfort to your customers while simultaneously bringing in the energies and creating the atmosphere which is represented by your brand.

Our web designs are highly responsive  and illustrious and have been known to create increasing profit margins for our valued customers.

Our Competitive Edge In Web Design

Finan  Callaghan has masterfully gathered a dream team which brings in a wonderful pool of skills that are used to produce an effective web design for you.


Our designs are known to have the power to keep the customer scrolling  due to the aesthetic pleasure achieved through careful planning.

Customer Centric

We have worked with all kinds of businesses and have gathered major experience in figuring out what the customers need. 

Research Based

Our research team runs a deep analysis of the target customers  of the business to curate a design which is appropriate for the selected audience.

User Friendly

We create the design for the audience and so we keep their perspective at our top-most priority before deciding upon the perfect layout. This adds user friendliness to the design, making it more responsive to the needs of the customer.

Your business, with our web design, is bound to have a successful online establishment which will definitely help you flourish. Choose us, choose the best!


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Finan Callaghan Design is an independent design company created by Finán Callaghan. Finán is an award winning, multi-disciplinary designer based in Dublin. Finán began working as a freelance designer in March 2020 and has since worked with clients on various projects such as logo designs, visual identity design, website design & development, book design, motion graphics and more. Finán has won IDI Graduate Awards for Best Brand Identity 2020, and Best Use of Printed Material 2020. Finán has been recognised for his typographic solutions with membership status in the International Society of Typographic Design, the TU Dublin Jacques Teljeur Award for Excellence in Typography and a commendation for Best Use of Typography by IDI Graduate Awards 2020. Finan Callaghan Design has helped create logo designs & brand identities that have enabled his clients businesses to thrive from the outset with a professional, consistent brand image. Finan Callaghan works to provide client satisfaction by producing visual identity design that aligns with his client’s company goals. Services include: Logo Design, Visual Identity Design, Poster DesignMotion Graphics, Web Design, Book Design, Design for Print.


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