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Motion Graphics Services that Transforms Boring Content into an Engaging One

I create motion graphics for businesses to help them attract potential customers. Using symbols, texts, charts, shapes, and graphics, I make it a point to clearly and abstractly communicate the ideas and messages behind a brand.

Looking for motion graphic services in Dublin?

Connect with me and get ready to scale up your business to the next level. Paying attention even to the smallest details, I build motion graphics right from scratch.  I’ve helped several projects that required animation through my proficient motion graphics skills.   Web Motion graphics successfully convert boring content into engaging and entertaining video content.

Get Customized Motion Graphics According To Your Niche

Video content has recently gained popularity and is considered one of the most influential components in the content marketing ecosystem.

Our motion graphics are created by blending video content with custom illustrations and animations to deliver highly actionable and attractive content. 

Your business will attain multiple benefits by including motion graphics in your content marketing strategy as it does much more than just delivering messages to your clients. It lures your visitors and converts them into customers.

 Motion Graphics have altered how businesses deliver information, and if you are yet to obtain its benefits, it's just the right time.

Videos provide an additional dimension to businesses' content, and they are more likely to make consumers comprehend what businesses are trying to convey. Topics that were once complicated are now easily comprehended.

My Approach to Motion Graphics Services

You can successfully convert your flat b-roll or stock pictures to interesting polished multimedia content with motion graphics. One of my major approaches to motion graphics includes storytelling at its roots.

The process of getting your work done is adequate planning according to the preferences of businesses and trying to understand their value propositions.

I work closely with my clients so that their motive of creating motion graphics is understood and fulfilled.  

 My work is delivered in a standard format, which helps the clients use them on their website and several other applications. Web motion graphics can easily be used in presentations, email marketing, and social media platforms.  


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Finan Callaghan Design is an independent design company created by Finán Callaghan. Finán is an award winning, multi-disciplinary designer based in Dublin. Finán began working as a freelance designer in March 2020 and has since worked with clients on various projects such as logo designs, visual identity design, website design & development, book design, motion graphics and more. Finán has won IDI Graduate Awards for Best Brand Identity 2020, and Best Use of Printed Material 2020. Finán has been recognised for his typographic solutions with membership status in the International Society of Typographic Design, the TU Dublin Jacques Teljeur Award for Excellence in Typography and a commendation for Best Use of Typography by IDI Graduate Awards 2020. Finan Callaghan Design has helped create logo designs & brand identities that have enabled his clients businesses to thrive from the outset with a professional, consistent brand image. Finan Callaghan works to provide client satisfaction by producing visual identity design that aligns with his client’s company goals. Services include: Logo Design, Visual Identity Design, Poster DesignMotion Graphics, Web Design, Book Design, Design for Print.


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