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Editorial design is irrefutably one of the most important elements of any writings in print. Newspapers, magazines, and books, all of them need an attractive outlook to grab the audience's attention. Life has become increasingly busy for everyone and attention spans are decreasing by the day.

In these times, people are getting less and less interested in written material. However, this does not mean that the importance of written work has reduced. It is just that people are not realizing the significance of these products in their life. So how does one tackle this issue?

I provide very clear and concise editorial designs. These editorial designs are coherent and grab the viewers' attention. Incorporating the learnings of human psychology, my designs are specifically built to engage your audience.

These editorial designs stand out and make your work prominent in the crowd. It distinguishes you and adds a sense of style and taste to your work. Your editorial design can be the 'make or break'   for your work, which is why you need an experienced graphic designer. So, reach out to me now for the perfect editorial design for you.

Our Editorial Design Process


Art requires effort and to make the design successful, a well-defined process is essential.  The first and foremost step of this process is getting to know the audience. Before working on your design, I familiarize myself with the type of viewership which the work will be getting.  This makes it important to understand their needs and requirements and design according to them. My work is centered around your audience for the best possible results


The editorial design has to be in line with the content of the work. The colors and designs used must match the tone of the text. For this purpose, I spend time reading the work for perfectly aligning my designs and creating an ideal blend. The art and illustrations must support each-other and my work focuses on the harmony between the words and the drawings. Working with the writers of the text also adds precision to my work. I make sure that I take in their point of view to correctly convey the information to the target audience.


Once this primary work is done, I employ my tools and techniques to produce wonderful editorial designs and layouts to give your work an enhanced display. This elaborate process ensures that there is no room left to have an adverse effect on your work. Your audience will surely be engaged after such care. 

Why Choose Finan For Your Editorial Design

Your editorial design and layout are critical to the success of your work. It is one of the main deciding factors when people are going through a pile of magazines and books.

If it is appealing to the eye, it is most likely to be the winner in the lot. This stresses upon the significance of a good editorial design to add to the success of your work. But why wait for good when you can have the best? 

I offer you a very personalized, customized, and unique editorial design which is crafted just for your work. My services are focused on you and your needs.

I provide you through my practice and learning in this field which gives you the certainty of a very precise and professional work. Contact me to get the best editorial design service in town! 


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Finan Callaghan Design is an independent design company created by Finán Callaghan. Finán is an award winning, multi-disciplinary designer based in Dublin. Finán began working as a freelance designer in March 2020 and has since worked with clients on various projects such as logo designs, visual identity design, website design & development, book design, motion graphics and more. Finán has won IDI Graduate Awards for Best Brand Identity 2020, and Best Use of Printed Material 2020. Finán has been recognised for his typographic solutions with membership status in the International Society of Typographic Design, the TU Dublin Jacques Teljeur Award for Excellence in Typography and a commendation for Best Use of Typography by IDI Graduate Awards 2020. Finan Callaghan Design has helped create logo designs & brand identities that have enabled his clients businesses to thrive from the outset with a professional, consistent brand image. Finan Callaghan works to provide client satisfaction by producing visual identity design that aligns with his client’s company goals. Services include: Logo Design, Visual Identity Design, Poster DesignMotion Graphics, Web Design, Book Design, Design for Print.


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