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Building Your Brand Identity

Your business is a body and its personality is created through its brand identity. Just like people, businesses are also known through the brand identity they develop. This makes the building of the right brand identity increasingly important for every brand out there.

This is the image which the world has of you and the perception created in their minds. Therefore, it is critical to the success of your business to choose the right things from the beginning. 

One of the most important elements that express your brand identity is your design. This design can be in your stores or on your websites. Times have changed and majority of the business activity has shifted online.

This newly emerged market emphasizes on the significance of working on your online design as well. Interior designers decorate your stores, but who will do this for your website?

An accomplished graphic designer! Just for this reason, I offer you a very well thought out brand identity design service. It is constructed strategically to attract customers to your business. The aim here is to correctly communicate your message to your audience and create the impact which you want to have! 

Highly Engaging Brand Identity Design

Building your brand identity is a broad concept and the design lies at its center. Your design speaks for you without words. It is a true expression of your brand's personality and it accentuates its style.

Finan Callaghan is an award winning freelance graphic designer specializing in brand identity design for startup companies and small businesses. 

He also works as an offsite designer for print & signage companies, and advertising & marketing agencies. Finan Callaghan Design offers hours bundles for brand identify which can be bought according to your need, and topped up when necessary.

At Finan Callaghan Studio, we aim to provide very unique and customized designs to help you build your brand identity. I completely understand the needs and requirements of the customers and I create a mix of style, color, and illustrations to fulfil them appropriately. With me onboard with you, there is nothing about the designing you have to fret over. Leave your worries away and contact me at hello@financallaghan.com for the ideal brand identity design service. 

Our Brand Identity Design Process

Brand identity design is a tedious and important task. It requires concentration and precision to create the right mix for your specific brand. To provide you with the best service, we give you a very specialized treatment. Your brand is not treated like just another business. It is given due care and proper attention.  Lets take you through my process for creating brand identity:


I start off by sending out a detailed questionnaire to investigate about the essence of your brand.


I set up a detailed meeting with the client to deep dive into your brand message and goals.


Carrying out an extensive research to know about your audience as well as competition.


Once I get the approval, I move on to the most exciting stage of the brand identity design process; that is creating the actual design and its elements.


At this step I share the brand identity design with you, revealing my magic. I make sure to explain you each and every thing meticulously so that you are aware of the reason behind each element.


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Finan Callaghan Design is an independent design company created by Finán Callaghan. Finán is an award winning, multi-disciplinary designer based in Dublin. Finán began working as a freelance designer in March 2020 and has since worked with clients on various projects such as logo designs, visual identity design, website design & development, book design, motion graphics and more. Finán has won IDI Graduate Awards for Best Brand Identity 2020, and Best Use of Printed Material 2020. Finán has been recognised for his typographic solutions with membership status in the International Society of Typographic Design, the TU Dublin Jacques Teljeur Award for Excellence in Typography and a commendation for Best Use of Typography by IDI Graduate Awards 2020. Finan Callaghan Design has helped create logo designs & brand identities that have enabled his clients businesses to thrive from the outset with a professional, consistent brand image. Finan Callaghan works to provide client satisfaction by producing visual identity design that aligns with his client’s company goals. Services include: Logo Design, Visual Identity Design, Poster DesignMotion Graphics, Web Design, Book Design, Design for Print.


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