What are Animated Infographics: A Detailed Overview

Finan Callaghan
July 16, 2021

Before I get to what animated infographics are, let’s discuss the concept of infographics in short.

Infographics are just an assortment of images, table charts, diagrams or any other form of visual representation with some text on it. This visual data is very easy to read and understand. In fact, it can enhance the human brain’s ability to grasp information. Striking and Crisp. That’s what it is.

What are Animated Infographics?

An animated infographic is just adding some movement to this visual content whether it is a chart, graph, illustration or any other form of data. It can have one or many moving parts, depending upon what you are bringing to the table. This visually appealing representation can breathe life into any boring information.

All you have to do is gather up your data, enliven it up and add some motion to it. Trust me, the human brain immediately responds to this.

How can animated infographics benefit you?

No matter what your brand is all about, if you want to reach your target audience quickly then animated infographics can benefit you immensely. Do you wanna know how? Let’s find out.

  • It can bring life into your content.
  • It is the simplest way of processing all the information.
  • Immediate way of grabbing attention.
  • It is easy and tempting to share.
  • It can help boost traffic.
  • A great way of branding.
  • You are going to notice an increase in your revenue.
  • It will make your content long-lasting.
  • Reaches out to masses easily.

Tips & Tricks to create some innovative Animated Infographics

I am sharing a few ways to create the most innovative animated infographics

PS: These are all out of my first-hand experience.

  • Set your goal first.
  • Keep the data minimum.
  • Create it like a story.
  • Add some unusual effects.
  • The text should be your own.
  • Speak loud and clear.
  • Create pop-ups.
  • Trust your feelings.

Communicating via an animated infographic can get a little tricky. There are a few aspects you need to keep in mind while creating one. Let’s glance through them.

  • Pay attention to the intricacies of the design. The design of an animated infographic goes beyond just editing and formatting. From the graphics you use to the flow of your content to the effects to the movement you add to the tone. Everything plays a pivotal role.
  • The flow of your content should be on point. Your first rule is to remember that your information should be grasped immediately by the onlooker. The sequence of your content must be right and engaging. There must be no unnecessary words. You need to use the magic of ‘saying a lot within a few words.’
  • An animated infographic is not just about setting any motion. It is about experiential context. This means despite the animation itself, everything moves.

Now every coin has two sides to it. It’s unfair if I show you only the good side of animated infographics. It’s my responsibility to make you aware of the drawbacks. So, you need to know when to pull up your socks. 

Here are a few drawbacks of animated infographics:

  • Limitation of data.
  • Creating one could get a little time-consuming.
  • Not SEO-friendly.
  • Expressing can get hard.
  • Can get challenging. 


I hope I have briefed you up on the concept of animated infographics. What are the takeaways? It is the most effective and innovative way of communicating with your audience. An animated infographic is also super enticing. Of course, it has its set of pros and cons. But have you noticed the pros are much more than the cons?  What does that mean? 

It’s time to enhance your business communications with the best-animated infographics. Looking for a graphic designer to help with animated infographics? Get in touch with me.

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