Motion Graphics Trends 2021

Finan Callaghan
April 3, 2021

Motion Graphics Trends for 2021: Top 10

I have a few secrets in ways you can create revolution. Yes, you got that right. They are a few motion graphics trends. If you are looking out for ways you can excel in it, you are at the right page.


The new year has begun so why don’t we explore the new trends? What’s trending in 2021? Let’s find out. 

  • Consolidate 2D and 3D


Combining 2D and 3D is a brilliant idea. It can fit in any budget so you don’t have to stress on that note. This concept is absolutely fun to watch and definitely grabs attention. It adds a discreet sense of style.

  • Don’t undervalue sound effects

Sound is like the soul of your animation. No matter how good the video or image is it won’t do any justice if the sound quality is not perfect. Sound effects can develop some connection between you and your audience. It will intensify your story, bring up some emotions and do more than you can even imagine.

  • Think out of the box

This is 2021, get out of your comfort zone. Break the monotony. Don’t go by the old trends and styles. Make use of effects which are rarely used before and completely out of the box.

  • Get Retro

Retro is pretty powerful. Nostalgia can definitely do some magic and create an impression. Music, movies, interior, architecture and fashion; all are trending in retro today. So why not motion graphics? It creates a different spunk and vibe for sure.

  • Moving Text

In technical terms it is also known as Kinetic Typography. This trend is not new but evergreen for sure. We see this very often in commercials and advertisements. Doesn't it look super cool?

  • Minimize the color

A few words can say a lot. This thumb rule implies even to the color palette you use. Restrict it and keep it as minimum as possible. This can be a bit challenging but it is sure to look sophisticated and appealing.

  • A touch of Bold

Using bold and large text is a great idea. The message gets communicated loud and clear. It surely leaves an impact on the viewer. Some fonts which are a clear no- Comic Sans, Arial, Times Roman. Also make sure you avoid using fonts which are overused.

  •  Use animated logos

Everyone's struggling to make an online presence, isn’t it? In this competitive space, animated logos is a thing. Well I wouldn't say it’s a new concept. But it’s surely not so common yet. You can go up there and still look unique with this notion. 

  • Get Glitchy

Glitch and distortion is not a new idea but it is here to stay. Controlled imperfection is attractive. The fast pacing shift of text or image which comes across as an error is too strong to deny. So add this crazy look to your video and get maximum aesthetic pleasure.

  • Story telling never goes out of fashion

What is your digital footage all about? Well it doesn’t matter. Storytelling is the most effective way to connect to your audience. Human brain gets attracted to stories no matter what the subject is. So create a character and make your viewers connect with it. This is the most effective tool.

Wrapping Up

So that was our blog about the everlasting and effective motion graphics trends

2021 is the year of new remarkable beginnings. The best motion graphics ideas can lead you to skyrocket success. So why hold back?

Before you leave us tell us which one’s your favorite inspiration?

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