Logo Design Ideas | Tips & Tricks

Finan Callaghan
April 16, 2021

Logo Design Ideas: Tips & Tricks

If you are looking for ideas to design a logo, I am more than happy to help you.

Yes, designing the perfect logo can be intimidating. But it’s your identity. So you surely can’t go wrong with it. We live in a world full of social media where everyone is striving to make their place. Your logo is what is going to get you recognition. It is certainly the first impression. And you know what they say, the first impression is the last impression.

So here are a few logo design ideas for you to make your place and get the recognition you totally deserve. 

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  • Say it like you own it

Remember, your idea will be only yours. Give it some profound thought and come up with your outlook. Be totally fearless about it and say it like you own it. Well trust me, you are sure to get some identification.

  • Color can dominate

Color coordinations rule the logo design ideas. Yes, monochrome is classic but color can definitely dominate. Bold and intense colors can surely grab anyone's attention. However you need to ensure it does not come across as brash. So keep it sophisticated and minimum. And the color is definitely getting you the deserved attention.

  • Visual representation

Why not tell people what you do by putting up a visual representation of it? That’s more than enough to spell it out loud. For example if you are into travel you could put a picture of an aeroplane. Or if you own a cafeteria you could put up a picture of a burger or a pastry or a coffee.

  • Don’t go wrong with the Font

This is one of the simplest ideas to design a logo. Ever thought about the font being equally important? Well it really is. It is one of the most minute details which we don’t pay attention to. But using the wrong font can make your logo look very clumsy and unpleasant. And the right font can do the magic. You must use high quality and unique fonts which are not commonly seen. 

  • Keep it clean

Keep some spacing in your logo and don’t make it look cluttered. The cleaner it is, the neater it will look. If you try to crowd it up it will only look shabby and unwanted.  

  • Know the meaning

This is one of the best logo design ideas I can think of. Every good logo does have a story behind it. Know exactly what your logo means. Try to show some part of your journey. This will also give a personalized appeal.

  • Study others logos 

Before you get into creating your own logo study a few others. It does not matter what the other logo is all about. Irrespective of how small or big the brand is. You never know how and what inspires you. Even if the logo is not relevant to yours, it may just make you think out of the box. You may come with an idea which you wouldn’t have thought otherwise.

  • Some public response

You never know how the crowd may react until you actually see it happen. Without a doubt, everyone has a different opinion to raise for one particular thing. You may be biased about your logo for emotional reasons. But hey, it’s time to get practical. Well I would say have 2-3 options. Pull out different people and ask them to vote. Unbiased feedback is going to get you the best result.

  • Hire a professional

You may feel that a logo is just a tiny part of your big project so you can manage it by yourself. You are wrong! A logo is going to stay with you forever. So don’t leave any room for regret. Logo design ideas can get a bit bewildering. But you need to give it your best shot. Go all out. Hire a professional and get the expert to do it.

If you have covered all the above aspects you are absolutely ready to create your own logo with our logo design ideas.

How are you planning on getting started? Contact Finan Callaghan today if you need help with designing a logo.

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