How Much Does a Logo Design Cost

Finan Callaghan
June 2, 2021

Let's have a look at how much does a logo design cost:

Your brand logo is your identity. You cannot go wrong with it. It’s the first thing your potential customer is going to look at. And let’s be honest, you may be judged on that aspect. So whether you are a startup or a veteran, a small or a big brand, you need the perfect logo. But how much does a logo design cost? Is this playing on your mind? I am going to get to that a little later. But first, how can a well-designed logo benefit you?

Reasons why a great logo is important:

  • You can score an edge over your competitors.
  • A unique logo is attention-grabbing.
  • It creates a great impression.
  • It reflects your brand image.
  • It looks professional.
  • It is a great marketing gimmick.
  • It gives a sense of dependability to customers.

You are now aware of how immensely you can benefit from a well-designed logo. All ready to get one? You have two options. Do it yourself or hire someone. Choosing from an option will greatly impact how much does a logo design cost. Let’s have a look.

Do it Yourself

I am sure most of you’ll have thought of doing it yourself. Or for that matter, have gone ahead with this idea. For people who are considering this option, let me tell you what you should expect.

  • You can use a logo maker. 
  • It will cost you anywhere between $ 10-$ 50.
  • The logo quality is going to be absolutely basic. 
  • You will have to finalize from a few selected fonts.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Quick turnaround time. 

What’s the advantage? It is cheap.

What’s the disadvantage? Compromise on quality.

Hire a Freelancer Graphic Designer

If you are slightly budget conscious but do have a few hundreds to shell out, you can hire a freelance graphic designer. This is a good place to be in. Reason? You can get your logo designed in a professional way without hurting your pocket.

  • Get your logo done up by a freelance designer specializing in this niche.
  • It will cost you anywhere between €400- €800.
  • You can work with one person.
  • You may get charged by the number of hours.
  • The costing will vary depending upon how experienced the freelancer is.
  • You can opt for the most reasonable one if you have a fair understanding of logo designing.
  • Increase your budget if you want a high-quality logo.

What’s the advantage? It can be customized at an affordable price.

What’s the disadvantage? It is expensive.

One Last Thing about Logo Design Cost:

You now have a fair idea about how much does a logo design cost.

Before you choose the medium to design your logo, think about the benefits of having a good logo again. I am not asking you to splurge and go all out in getting a logo for your brand. But there should be no room for regret. Because a logo is going to stay with you forever. 

Believe in your vision, hire a professional logo designer and get your brand the best logo.

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